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Cleopatra's Secret

We offer you one of Cleopatra's secret beauty treatments, the milk and honey bath, combined with a divine honey massage exclusive to Ripple Massage.

Try it for yourself and discover the secret to timeless beauty!

The Legendary Queen of Egypt adored beauty and was renowned for her exquisite complexion. Cleopatra was known as a woman of surpassing beauty, lissome, intelligent, charismatic and seductive. Her beauty and charm allowed her to achieve great things in her short but adventurous life which she lived to the fullest. A Queen, a mother, and a very beautiful and desirable woman.

Luxurious double spa to enjoy your milk & honey bath
Milk & Honey Bath with Ripples handmade honey soap
Relax with a divine honey massage exclusive to Ripple Massage
Boutique honey from the Numimbah Valley

Just imagine yourself being treated with delicious boutique honey from the Numimbah Valley which is heated with warmed massage oil for this exquisite massage.

You also receive a free gift box from Ripple Massage with a handmade honey candle, honey soap and a small pot of Numimbah honey to take home with you.

Ripple Massage is a mobile massage service and the therapists come to the privacy of your cottage to perform their magic on you.

During the cooler time of the year the cozy fire provides a great backdrop whereas during summer many guests choose to have their massage treatment outdoors in their own private courtyard garden.

Whilst you are being thoroughly spoiled we prepare your special Milk and Honey Bath modeled after Cleopatra's own secret recipe, which we deliver to your private cosy cottage in a jug ready for use, together with some rose petals to decorate your bath once your personal massage therapist has left.

Milk & Honey Bath - Cleopatra's secret to timeless beauty

Why is it so good for you?

The lactic acid in milk is an alpha hydroxy acid, which helps to cleanse the deepest layers of the skin.

Honey which is used for the massage and in your bath has an abundance of health properties. First of all, it is composed of sugars like glucose and fructose so it is also a gentle alpha hydroxy acid.

It's made up of both minerals and vitamins to help nourish and heal the skin. Since it also contains phytochemicals that kill viruses, bacteria, and fungus, it's has a natural anti-inflammatory effect which heals wounds quickly.

Cleopatras Secret in Text

“It is almost impossible to describe happiness, because at the time it feels entirely natural, as if all the rest of your life has been the aberration; only in retrospect does it swim into focus as the rare and precious thing it is. When it is present, it seems to be eternal, abiding forever, and there is no need to examine it or clutch it. Later, when it has evaporated, you stare in dismay at your empty palm, where only a little of the perfume lingers to prove that once it was there, and now is flown.”Margaret George, Memoirs of Cleopatra

Witches Falls Cottages - Cleopatra's Secret Package 

Your package includes:

  • A 2 hour Honey Massage exclusive to Ripple Massage for one of you
  • Our exclusively created Milk & Honey Bath Potion decorated with Rose Petals delivered to your cottage after the massage treatment for you to enjoy all the benefits of delicious ingredients and relax in your big double spa

Package Cost is $220

* This package is available only in combination with an accommodation booking at Witches Falls Cottages - terms and conditions apply to your booking.

** For bookings either at short notice or over a holiday period we may not always be able to arrange this package. If that is the case we will get in contact with you and of course won't charge you for the package if it is not available.

Accommodation choices...

Add this exclusive 'Cleapatra's Secret Package' to your stay in a Private Spa Cottage, or you may prefer to stay in a Premium Spa Cottage or in our Rainforest Spa Suite.

To BOOK your stay please use our Secure Online Booking System  where you can add this package as an extra to your accommodation reservation. You can add a second massage for your partner by selecting a 2hour Massage from the extras. Ripple Massage will send two therapists to do the treatments at the same time.

Should you need any assistance please Contact Daniela and David, we are always happy to help and offer any advice.

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