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Witches Falls Cottages Environmental Policy

Witches Falls Cottages were developed almost entirely from natural materials that reflect the surrounding forests. Being on the edge of the Witches Falls National Park in a rainforest environment with abundant wildlife, we are acutely aware of the fragility of this special place and how it's critical to maintain the natural beauty that attracts so many visitors.

We are committed to practical conservation measures wherever possible. We feel a strong obligation to be environmental custodians of Tamborine Mountain (joining many others in our community who are equally as committed). We recognise that the sustainability and well-being of our area relies on the respect of those who are fortunate to live and work within it and how they consider the actions they take on it.

Our commitment to environmental sustainability is demonstrated by the responsible use of energy, water and materials, while maintaining a high quality of service and care in a clean, healthy and safe environment for staff and guests alike.

AAA Tourism has rated Witches Falls Cottages with their Green Star eco-friendly accreditation, based on simple environmental best practice (Energy Efficiency, Waste Minimisation & Management, Water Minimisation & Guest Education...)

  • We compost organic kitchen waste or feed it to our chooks, who reward us with the free range full-flavoured, full-coloured eggs we all enjoy daily.
  • Regular maintenance schedule for electrical, air conditioning and refrigeration units keeps them operating at optimum levels and minimises excess power usage.
  • Guests are encouraged in information packs and with dedicated bins to observe our recycling practices inside and outside. Green waste is taken to council's recycling facility, available as mulch at no cost to the local community. In addition to our own compost, we often use this mulch in our gardens.
  • All possible light bulbs were replaced with energy efficient alternatives (interior and exterior of cottages, house, laundry building and office) and shower roses converted to nine litres/minute max flow (recommended for water conservation).
  • Office photocopy and printer paper and printer toner/ink cartridges are recycled along with bottles, other glass and appropriate plastics. Plastic containers are reused where possible.
  • Gardens are presented as naturally as possible, without undue finessing.
  • We vigorously support 'buy local' contributing directly to our community's economy and to minimise our carbon footprint (minimising food transport and refrigeration).
  • Guests are encouraged to leave their cars in our car park and walk to the National Park, wineries and village. We provide a torch to help them return safely at night as there's minimal street lighting. Tours are promoted to minimise cars on local roads.
  • Cottages aren't serviced daily which provides savings on energy and water.
  • We have installed large body wash dispensers in each ensuite to help minimise personal care product bottles. To observe health and safety practices however, shampoo, conditioner and body lotion are provided in individual bottles (and because we know that some guests love to take any unopened bottles home as mementoes of their stay with us).
  • Our cleaning chemicals are stored in a locked cupboard and staff are well-trained in their management and use. They are dispensed at the exact ratio suggested by manufacturers to minimise the risk of over strength chemicals being used.
  • When our indigenous bandicoots dig holes in our lawn, we plant daffodil bulbs in the holes to brighten up the setting for our guests and to give the landscaping a natural, untamed presentation. The vegetation is purposefully kept lush and is not overly styled, to reflect the natural rainforest setting that surrounds us.
  • The numerous plantings around the accommodation were chosen for their suitability to the location and on the advice of local nursery specialists who support our commitment to maintaining natural botanicals in this region.
  • Waste water is processed on-site using a modern, eco-waste facility, designed to have minimal impact on sub-surface water tables. Grey water is recycled onto gardens, irrigating the cottage gardens, fruit trees, vegetable and herb gardens and lawn.
  • Kindling is collected from the property and supplementary timber is purchased locally.
  • Our organic herb and vegetable garden helps minimise our carbon footprint and guests are invited to help themselves to whatever we grow.

We regularly review our environmental practices and are keen to consider initiatives that will help us to better manage our resources.

We warmly welcome your suggestions.


We have created a PDF version of the 'Witches Falls Cottages Environmental Policy' to enable you to download or print a copy if required. Environmental Policy PDF Document