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A True Blue Aussie Experience - Helicopter Pub Crawl

A unique Helicopter Pub Crawl - an experience of a lifetime which you will talk about for years to come and be telling your grand children stories about!

Exterior Porters Tavern
Exterior Porters Tavern
Exterior Royal Hotel

Your Pterodactyl Helicopters pilots are not only outstanding pilots but also excellent tour guides who will make your day a very memorable and pleasant experience.

Captain Mike from a Westside News Article...


“The winery tours were very popular and then we had a couple come along who said wine wasn’t their thing. And I said ‘well what do you reckon about a pub crawl?’ and he said ‘man, that would be fantastic!’ so we created our pub crawl,”

"And it's not just any pub. They're uniquely Australian country type pubs, that you're not likely to run into every other day."

Captain Mike Helicoptor Pub Crawl
Locals Fernvale Hotel

Aussie Country Helicopter Pub Crawl!

Your experience starts from the moment when you are picked up from Witches Falls Cottages and meet your Captain. You will fly in your own 'private' helicopter with your mate/s, marvel at the amazing scenic views from up high and land at real Australian Country Pubs in the Scenic Rim Region. Have a cold beer or two and a laugh with the laid back locals and enjoy a chat with the charismatic publicans. Then on to the next one...... classic country pubs like the Dungandan Hotel or the Royal Hotel in Harrisville which are full or character, characters and stories.

You will not be bored and can truly relax and enjoy your experience, knowing that you are in the capable hands of experienced and knowledgeable pilots who will personally chauffeur you home to your comfortable accommodation at Witches Falls Cottages.

Exterior Dungandan Hotel
Locals at Mulgowie Hotel
Pumpyard Bar Brewery

Captain Mike from a Westside News Article...


“I’ve had blue collar workers, I’ve had people that earn $500,000 a year.

The funniest pub crawl we’ve ever done was with three girls I picked up from Witches Falls Cottages on Mount Tamborine.

I knew I was in for a good day because two of them were dressed as nuns and one was dressed as the Pope!”

girls dressed up as nuns and pope

Witches Falls Cottages - Helicopter Pub Crawl Package 

Your package includes:

  • An Aussie Country Helicopter Pub Crawl by Helicopter!  You get to visit a selection of three to five country pubs with an included beer or drink of your choice at each pub with a pub lunch included in the 'crawl'.

Package Cost is approximately $2,080 (available on request only and cost to be confirmed)

* This package is available only in combination with an accommodation booking at Witches Falls Cottages - terms and conditions apply to your booking.

** For bookings either at short notice or over a holiday period we may not always be able to arrange this package. 

To book our exclusive Helicopter Pub Crawl & Accommodation Package please contact Witches Falls Cottages Team to check availability and pricing. We are always happy to help and offer all the advice we can to make your stay the best it can be!

*Pricing is with a minimum of 2 passengers per flight (Rates above are an indicator and can vary).
The R44 helicopter which is used for the Pub Crawl can seat 3 passengers per flight. Each passenger seat is designed for a maximum weight of 130kg and a total passenger load of approximately 240kg (subject to weight and balance).