Disability and Accessibility Info for Tamborine Mountain

Cottage Icon Witches Falls Premium Cottages are disability & wheelchair friendly

Wheelchair Assisted Person Enjoying Day Out Who says that only able-bodied people have all the fun on Tamborine Mountain?

When you or a loved one have a disability or injury that affects mobility, the biggest concerns when booking a holiday are how accessible accommodation, amenities and activities are.

If you or someone you’re travelling with needs to use a wheelchair, walking frame or crutches, you don’t have to worry when it comes to a short stay on the mountain; there is suitable accommodation and plenty of things to do.

Wheelchair Accessible Accommodation at Witches Falls Cottages

premium-cottages-wfc Our Premium Cottages are wheelchair accessible.

These are two ‘Premium’ cottages that are side by side: one standard, one accessible. If you are travelling with walking family, friends or a carer, you can choose whether to use both rooms with an intercom available on request for guests with serious chronic issues.

Beyond the “standard requirements”, there is also a lowered barbecue, hatchway from the kitchen so you can easily reach the hamper.

We don’t believe in additional needs being an afterthought; we care about our guests, so we do our best to accommodate everyone.

Accessible Activities on Tamborine Mountain

Tamborine Mountain is known for its natural beauty, in particular its national parks and gardens.

Part of Cedar Creek Falls is wheelchair-friendly, and some assistance may be required, up to the lookout. At its entrance is an open area surrounded by eucalyptus forest with two picnic areas and accessible toilets, so you can still enjoy some of its beauty.

Additionally, the first 300 metres of the Tamborine Rainforest Skywalk is wheelchair accessible (the first bridge), which allows visitors to explore the beautiful rainforest canopy. The Birdwing Cafe and gallery at the Centre are also reachable by wheelchair.

The Tamborine Mountain Botanic Gardens is your best bet for an inclusive day out, with most of the walking tracks wheelchair-friendly (view visitor map). There are plenty of picnic areas and accessible toilets, as well as benches and contemplative sites where you can stop and rest if you do walk with aids or have a lower level of fitness.

There really is no rush to explore the gardens. It is broken up into over a dozen sections, including the Lakeside, Japanese Garden and White Flower Walk. If you’re into art or photography, the gardens have great potential for source material and photo opportunities.

Esme Street Environmental Park is a reserve of natural sclerophyll forest with a lush rainforest understory that encompasses the creek which drains the area. The Valerie Sweet Walkway, a system of level asphalt paths, allows for wheelchair access through the park. This MAP shows you the path, creek, seats, information signs and even the stinger tree locations.

The Glow Worm Caves are accessible if you can walk with crutches or a frame. Its pathway inside the cave is uniformly flat, with handrails for assistance. The three-minute rainforest walk is described as the “most strenuous” part of the tour, but involves a flat boardwalk and can be done at a slow pace.

Each tour lasts only 30 minutes. This is the only opportunity in Queensland to see glow worms during the day, and the caves’ controlled environment ensures a healthy colony with thousands of them all year round.

Disability-Friendly Restaurants

Tamborine Mountain is also well-known for its food scene, and has a diverse range of eating options packed into a small town.

Three Little Pigs Bar and Bistro has a rustic style and a modern, seasonal menu. You can dine al fresco or by the fireplace, and even bring your pet. Currently (winter 2019), the menu includes house-made ricotta gnocchi and smoked salmon with creamy potato salad, pickled onions and caper vinaigrette.

Clancy’s Irish Bar and Restaurant is exactly as you’d expect – hearty meals such as Irish stew or steak and Guinness pie. Like all good pubs, Clancy’s hosts live music too.

If you prefer lighter, spicier cuisine, El Burro Cantina is a colourful Mexican restaurant with plenty of vegetarian options and a 100% gluten-free menu, including taco platters and jalapeno poppers. It is fully licensed, with fruity sangria and fabulous frozen margaritas.

Click here if you would like to visit Tamborine Mountain and stay in one of our beautifully appointed private cottages so that you can experience this diverse and yummy dining experience for yourself. Or if you have any questions not answered just contact us via this page.

Author Image Alexandra Preston BHSc (Naturopathy) This article written by Alexandra Preston – BHSc (Naturopathy)