The Positive Benefits of Getting Away for a Relaxing Short Break on Tamborine Mountain

COVID-19 may have placed a proverbial grey cloud over our lives but naturally, but that doesn’t mean all is lost. Sometimes you’ve just got to get your priorities right. That means, (now more than ever) putting your health and well-being first.

Often a short break away can help dispel negativity, and relax and restore us naturally so that we can become positively more mindful and look to the future with renewed optimism.

The restrictions of a lockdown have taught us to better appreciate the once taken-for-granted act of getting out and about and how important it is for our bodies and our minds. When this is taken away from us, we can feel progressively isolated, drained and cabin fever can soon settle in.

(Planning on) Getting Away is Good for Us

Sometimes it can often feel like we’re in a tedious cycle. Repeating the same often-mundane activities day in and day out without much alteration.

However, the simple act of planning to have a short break away can provide a powerful shift in the mind to a much more positive perspective and noticeably renewed outlook.

You now have something to look forward to that you might not have had before. Your horizons have already been broadened and the benefits are beginning to speak for themselves.

Easing Into Your Time Away

Nevertheless, sometimes on a vacation, we’re so busy exploring everything the region has to offer that we can forget to really relax. But what if you threw away that itinerary and simply eased into your time away by focusing on the ‘relaxing break’ part?

Surely you would feel more at peace by taking the pressure off getting things done and being a little more impulsive by exploring that ‘me time’ more naturally.

By choosing somewhere like Tamborine Mountain as your destination you can truly getaway to a more relaxed space and have the option of either doing nothing or indulging in something, while still gaining those all-important positive benefits.

Building Upon Some Positive Vibes

Of course, there can be a satisfying sense of completion that comes with getting things done. But on Tamborine Mountain, you’ll likely be inspired to venture out and explore the idyllic surroundings at an easy-going pace.

The atmosphere is so uniquely invigorating that you’ll feel noticeably calmer and more relaxed. This is largely thanks to the subtropical climate and the lush rainforest of Tamborine Mountain that provides clean, refreshing air, which does wonders for the mind and soul. It’s truly something special and helps stimulate those positive vibes.

Yet there is much to do on this mountain if you feel inclined. There are many expansive national parks containing natural pathways that weave through towering trees and lead to lush lagoons and eye-opening waterfalls.

There’s the opportunity to glimpse diverse wildlife in their natural habitat, listen to the soothing sounds of birds, and to become engulfed in the overall ambiance of an unforgettable outdoor escapade.

There are beautiful sunsets over the picturesque Scenic Rim and the Great Dividing Range to take in and a plethora of places to wine and dine that will open your mind and positively nurture the soul. All of these things are seemingly a world away from the stresses and strains of our current climate. Therefore, it will guarantee that you will return home refreshed and rejuvenated and inspired to make a return trip soon.

So, by all means, take that refreshing walk through expansive rainforests or the beautiful Botanic Gardens, undertake a tantalising wine tasting or two at some superb local wineries and even indulge in some retail therapy at the many characterful boutique shops that line Gallery Walk, (amongst some other things). However, also remember that you can simply soak up the laidback atmosphere and take it easy by doing nothing much at all.

If you are planning on coming up to the mountain for a relaxing couple of days then why not consider staying in one of our beautifully appointed private cottages so that you can experience for yourself all that the mountain has to offer.

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