Top 5 Best Tips to Plan Your Romantic Getaway

Top 5 Best Tips to help you plan your Romantic Getaway

Green Icon Computer Research (1) Plan ahead – do some research

Should you have your heart set on a specific destination and wish to secure the perfect accommodation for your romantic getaway – you know, the one with the spa and the fireplace – our tip is to book early. Especially for long weekends and other special dates like Valentine’s Day.

If you can be flexible with your schedule, why not consider a midweek stay with a lower rate.

Do some research online for restaurants if you are planning on going out for a special dinner one night, for activities or anything else you like to include in your itinerary.

Before you lock anything in though, get in touch with your chosen accommodation provider to check for any local insights and special tips that they can give you.

Green Icon person waking up (2) Keep free time to be flexible with your itinerary

Whilst it may be tempting to pack a lot of activities into your stay, less is often more.

Once you have locked in a couple of key bookings, leave the rest open so you can be spontaneous in accordance to the weather and what you feel like on the day.

And a couple of things you shouldn’t forget are a sturdy and comfortable pair of shoes should you choose to go for a walk, a rain jacket for that unexpected shower and a jumper should the nights be cooler than expected.

Green Digital Camera Icon (3) Turn off your mobile phone and dont bring your computer!

Leave the worries of your day to day life at home!

Once you are confident that your kids, pets, are ok, put away your phone and commit your time to yourself and your partner. If you like to take images of your time together, bring your ‘real’ camera so you are not tempted to check your calls and messages.

Of course it is lovely to share your experience on social media. So maybe post a couple of hero shots once you return home or even better, 
get your favourite image printed and give it as a gift to your partner.

Green Music Player Icon with earphones (4) Set the scene – with your playlist, favorite movie, boardgame…

Help set the mood with packing your own special bubble bath and romantic music.

You might love watching a specific movie together on your anniversary.

Enjoy the playful competitiveness of a board game? Bring it along, even if it’s just a ‘wet weather alternative’.

Surprise your partner with a new outfit, make sure you feel comfortable and confident in the outfits you pack for your getaway.

And don’t forget the nice underwear!

Green Happy Couple Icon (5) Have fun and laugh a little

Even with the most impeccable planning, something could go wrong.

Remind yourself what this getaway is really about – connecting with each other and having a little fun.

Isn’t it often the little mishaps you later fondly remember and that make you laugh again when you think of them?

Wonderful memories are precious!

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