Unusual Things To See and Do on Tamborine Mountain

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One wonderful advantage of visiting Tamborine Mountain is that there’s no shortage of unusual and quirky businesses that you just don’t see in large cities. We’re just not into large, homogenous corporations, so here are some of our unique sights that give the mountain its distinct flavour.

Castles on the Mountain

They may not be as old as those you’d see in Europe, but Tamborine Mountain does have its own castles!

Castle Glen Tamborine Mountain For instance, we have ‘Castle Glen’, a truly special winery, brewery and distillery with wines and liqueurs that I (Alexandra) have never seen before, including mango wine and musk stick liqueur.

If you aren’t into alcohol, they also have a wide range of jam – who’s up for lychee, purple carrot or dragonfruit jam? Preservative and chemical free, 100% natural, wines, liqueurs, fortifieds and ciders. Vegan and gluten free products. Hand made fudges and jams as well!

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The German Cuckoo Clock Nest

Cuckoo Clocks on Tamborine Mountain Previously, I have only seen cuckoo clocks in Germany itself, but you can get them on Tamborine Mountain too!

The German Cuckoo Clock Nest’s owners are originally from the Black Forest and Blue Danube regions of Germany, and have chosen to celebrate their heritage by bringing it to Queensland.

The German Cuckoo Clock Nest not only sells cute traditional styles with chalet and bird motifs, but also modern minimalist clocks and tall grandfather clocks.

Built as a traditional Bavarian chalet, complete with an authentic waterwheel, it has been a famous tourist attraction on the mountain for many years. No plane ticket or time machine required.

Bygone Days

Bygone Days Wares Tamborine Mountain To explore the best of the old days further, Bygone Days – The Eclectic Emporium stocks a range of vintage, reproduction and antique-styled gifts, collectibles and décor.

From natural soap to Art Deco lamps and sundial compasses, it’s easy to get lost looking for a retro accent to your home or wardrobe.

An ornate jewellery box could be the statement piece of your bedside table, or a brass telescope spyglass may make your entertaining area memorable.

Tamborine Dreaming

Tamborine Dreaming Paintings Showcasing indigenous culture should not be unusual, but Tamborine Dreaming has many products and artworks on offer that aren’t seen in many other places.

Forget cheap souvenirs from tourist traps that look suspiciously similar, these stand out! Besides canvas paintings and typical gifts like Ugg boots and skincare, you can even find more practical indigenous art.

This includes clothing – men’s shirts and women’s blouses, that each come with a card describing the meaning of their print; and tea sets that could become the next centrepiece of your table.

Share the beauty of Australia’s traditional cultures wherever you go.

Under the Greenwood Tree

Shop Under the greenwood tree Chain book shops may have the mainstream best-sellers, but Under the Greenwood Tree also stocks a wide range of unique books along with a small art gallery, and plenty of locally-made gifts such as jewellery.

They even support local authors from the Gold Coast and Scenic Rim by hosting book launches.

In June they introduced A Lifetime of Impossible Days by Tabitha Bird and the Eco-Rangers series by Candice Lemon-Scott.

When I visited, the then-current exhibit featured works by intellectually disabled artists who may not have many opportunities otherwise.

Bed and Breakfasts

Tamborine Mountain also has several family-owned bed and breakfasts, including Witches Falls Cottages!

Our stone-gabled cottages are more fairytale than conventional hotel, hidden within flowering gardens.

Each has a double spa bath, fenced off but with glass walls so you can have both privacy and natural light; a fireplace and courtyard.

We even bake our own bread on-site which we deliver each morning for the most delicious and hearty breakfast!

As you can see, Tamborine Mountain has something unique around every corner, giving it a different flavour to most small Australian towns.

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